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This is the official site for getting support.
Tickets are created and processed in the ticket system. Requests can usually only by accessed by you and nethavn staff only.

For this reason an support account is required. Please explain your request as short and precise as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings of any kind.
We kindly ask you to not provide any credentials in the request at any time. In rare cases this data will be requested by us on demand and will be provided through a separate form.

Support is available in the following languages only: English, Danish & German.

Reasons for creating a ticket:

  • Account issues
  • LDAP account creation request
  • Account deletion
  • Bug Reports for non open-source services. (Please report open-source related issues via GitHub.)
  • Other types of service requests or issues

  • If you are however unable to gain access to your account then please raise a ticket using the e-mail